Mona Lisa is now on a bag sprinkled with logos. 

Yesterday, Jeff Koon and Louis Vuitton announced that they have collaborated on a line of women’s accessories that are heavily influenced by screen printing, high res images and a 2017 rendition of what Pop  and Classical art work can translate to when luxury and leathers bags are considered.

Masters, a collaboration with Jeff Koons honors the classic works of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Titian, Fragonard, and Rueben printed on LV logoed canvases which are then screen printed on leather goods.

Jeff Koons, the highly suggestive and facetious artist, is back with another collaboration that many- including the NYTimes, are calling “passionate”, “ethereal” and undoubtedly “metaphysical.”  Not only are the prints remastering the greatest paintings known to the world, they have unearthed and re-surfaced what they mean in a time where a pop culture today, as told by youth, want to buy.

Here,  the Mona Lisa , which originally hung in the Napoleon’s bathroom, is reimagined with LV logos. The campaign’s promotional visuals are even more trippy, but its genius. They might as well put Future’s Mask Off beat as the background music, because that’s how aggressive Louis Vuitton is about their second quarter revenue sales.

The collaboration comes just weeks after Louis Vuitton announced its forthcoming collection with Supreme, which has yet to hit retail stores, but the hype is still steady. Like Supreme, Jeff Koons is a trendy brand, err artist, who can get away with selling ballon – like dog sculptures for thousands of dollars. He’s a modern artist who is well -liked by Kanye West to Karl Lagerfeld.

Naysayers of the collaborations feel that the market is too oversaturated with these types of collaborations and that hype beasts are going to stop collecting them because they will become “culturally irrelevant.” But we disagree. Haters are going to hate. At the very least, Louis Vuitton is suceeding in staying relevant and museum visitor-ship is increasing as more and more people are realizing that being intellectual is cool and rewarding. In order to excel in the future, there’s a lot to be learned when studying the past. Just ask this pop culture philosopher who compares Kim K’s ass and her narcissism to 13th century art.

Either way, Louis Vuitton will sell their accessories because the numbers don’t lie.





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November 8, 2017

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